My addiction to KISS Cardio Dance!

KISS Cardio Dance is the brain child of Juliette Walle, one of my favorite instructors at Boone Studio in Montclair, NJ. She describes the class as “Zumba and Boot Camp having a baby”. What does this mean you ask? It means you’re going to be in for 50 non stop minutes of 1 part dance, 1 part weights, and 1 part timed intervals.

I remember the first time I took the class I wanted to run out crying, it was hard (mainly because I was out of shape), I couldn’t keep up, I couldn’t breathe and yet my feet stayed planted and I finished the entire class. I loved it so much that I think I’ve only missed one class, which was only because I went away on vacation.

That’s what it is about Juliette’s classes she makes them fun, energetic, and
literally addictive. The music is stuff you’ve heard before and even if you haven’t you can’t help downloading the entire playlist after you’ve walked out of the studio. She’s always motivating us to push ourselves beyond our limits (in the best way possible) so even when you think to yourself “why did I sign up for this class” while you’re doing mountain climbers and reverse squats, you leave so thankful that you did and sign yourself up for the following week!!

So if you’re looking to sweat, dance, tone those muscles, burn calories and have fun while doing it- this is certainly the class for you!

Coming next week a quick video of Juliette herself with a couple workouts you can do from home!

Check out Boone Studio’s classes and schedules here


Is this thing on?


Here goes nothing. I’m a 27 year old self proclaimed jersey girl, cat lover, and barre-ista. I am married to an amazing man who not only fills my life with joy and laughter, but my belly with the most delicious bagel this side and the other side of the mississippi. That’s right- he makes bagels!! Lastly,
I’m a catmom to the most fabulous, incredible kitty, Oliver.

Through the encouragement of my 3 amazing friends Hailey, Jessica, and Kowa- I’ve decided to start to blog to document all things that have to do with how I am updating and personalizing our 1940’s 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch home we purchased two years ago. Being a homeowner has taught me that it’s never a bad idea to have a screwdriver within arm’s reach and if the job is beyond your limits- well then it’s time for a mimosa.

I hope you enjoy my journey screwdriving my way to a more beautiful home and at times unwinding with a nice glass of mimosa!!