Spring has Sprung

I pulled into my driveway today and I realized spring is finally here to stay. The sun is gleaming, the trees are green, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. This setting makes home feel so vibrant and full of life. I absolutely love it. I couldn’t help running across the street to capture this very moment. A moment so reminiscent of the first time my husband and I pulled up to this home nearly 2 years ago and knew it was the one.




A friend text me yesterday and gave me the head’s up that Safavieh rugs are going to be on Gilt today. As it turns out I am in the market for an area rug, or two, or three.  I am a really big fan of Safavieh- they have amazing prints, patterns, and colors. I purchased my first Safavieh rug at Home Goods last year and it’s a good thing I did because nice runners at Home Goods (in my area at least) are a rare as a golden goose egg.  I own a beautiful runner from the Paradise Collection (style 152 in blue multi), which I placed in my entryway.The color was soo perfect- the blue blended perfectly with my taupe walls and the red accents in the rug complimented the red walls in the very next room. So the purchase was really a no brainer! The retail price for this runner: $150! I paid $79.99!

There is a pic of the runner in my entryway. Oliver (my supercat) is making his very first of many appearances!!


Make sure to log into to Gilt Group at 12 pm if your in the market for a rug as well!! 😀 Be sure to share your purchases with me..

Click here to visit Gilt Group’s Home section and Safavieh Sale at 12 pm

I am hoping they have Style # 83 and #84! Yes, they are animal prints! I’m from Jersey what do you expect!

If curiosity has gotten the best of you! You can check out PAR83 and PAR84 here:

Ever struck gold??

Me Either.. However, I did come as close as one can get to it this past Friday.. As most of you know it’s wedding season, which means it’s bridal shower season, which means a lot of trips to Bed Bath and Beyond.. This particular trip was no different- go to the bridal registry section, print the bridal registry, go find the goods; that is until– from the corner of my eye I spied a Monique Lhuillier for Waterford China set box for 75% off! (This was my immediate thought process: WHATTT!?!? Couldn’t be, could it!! No way- not my china pattern. Don’t get sidetracked, you’re here to buy a gift, but what if it’s my china pattern..) Needless to say I walked over to the rack and there it was in all it’s glory- the china pattern I’d registered for for my wedding.


I screamed, I shouted, let it all out (using my inside voice of course- I am semi-civil)!!

129.99 and 75% off, do the math.. Fine- i’ll do it for you. It’s $97.50 off of the retail price. So the grand total for this 5 pc china set was $32.50. SOLD!!

Can you guess what my next thought was? You guessed it- do they have more? Unfortunately, that location did not, but the extremely kind and attentive manager called a local Bed, Bath, and Beyond that had 7 on hand.. Woo hoo you say?? Not really. He said it was up to each store to determine the actual markdown. So I stood there pacing back and forth, sweating, fingers crossed that I might just be able to complete all of my place settings.

Similtaneously, I called my husband, mom, and mother in law to tell them the exciting news.. My husband tried very hard to match my enthusiam but since when are men enthusiastic about china? My mom and mother in law on other hand understood that this could mean completing my missing placesettings at the fraction of the cost. By the time I completed my calls 10 minutes had gone by and the other location was still trying to locate the items. That’s when the super awesome manager took matters into his own hands! He told me he didn’t want me to wait any longer so he would honor the 75% off and have
them shipped to my home- Score. Just like that this little lady purchased a total of 5 additonal china sets for just $162.50.

That means I got 5 for the price of 1 plus $32.50. I’d say I struck gold.

The reason I am posting this is because the goods arrived today and I am just way to excited not to share!! Plus, who doesn’t like to brag about a great deal.

Click here to find The Monique Lhuillier fo Waterford Stardust collection at Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

Unfortunately, this amazing sale is not available online.. I just happened to strike retail gold!! Always keep your eyes peeled for a good deal!

Below are some pics of my “gold” upon arrival, the aftermath of unpacking those beauties, and finally just an aerial shot of the Monique Lhuillier Stardust 5 pc setting on a wicker placement (purchased at homegoods).




PS: Mission Bridal Shower Gift: Accomplished. 🙂