The one kitchen appliance I can’t live without and it’s ON SALE!!!

The Holy Grail of all my favorite kitchen appliances and gagets:

The Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer (I own the professional series in metallic silver). This is the item that I think every bride to be crosses their fingers in hopes they’ll find it wrapped up with a pretty bow among their bridal shower gifts. I received mine from my amazing mom at my own bridal shower (thanks mom!). I swear when I unwrapped the box that contained my mixer it literally glowed in my hands. My mixer was the very first thing I unpacked and placed proudly on my kitchen countertop, where it remains today.

So here are all the reasons why I love the Kitchenaid mixer: the addional attachments you can purchase! Want to grind meat? Done! Want to make homemade ravioli? Done! Want to make sausages? Done! Then of course there’s the actual mixer where all your cookie, cake, and brownie dreams are made a reality. You see the possibilies are endless.
Here’s another reason why I love the Kitchenaid mixer: The variety of colora offered including white, hot pink, red, yellow, silver, or black. It let’s you bring a little bit of spunk and personality into your kitchen. I personally wanted hot pink, but I didn’t think my husband would be to keen on that. Don’t worry I did manage to get a hot pink appliance in my kitchen.

On sale now at Bloomingdales



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