Make Cents of the Scents!

What woman doesn’t love a good perfume? I sure do. I always wondered how women found their signature scent. I always wanted to find the one, so when I sauntered my way into a room everyone knew I’d arrived.. Everytime my little nose would get a whiff of a particular parfume that I enjoyed I wouldn’t hesistate to ask the name. Generally, the person would say thanks and then rattle off the name to me, then I’d proceed to walk into a department store to make the purchase only to be slapped with sticker shock.. The $130 and beyond for a eau de parfume and eau de toilette– yikes!! I’d go running for the hills. Now don’t get me wrong years ago I would not have batted an eye, but now I own a home. There are alot of expenses that come with a home. I’d much rather spend $130 on a piece of art, table decor, or kitchen knick knacks.. So that being said I was on a mission to find the perfect scent for the perfect price and I did.. Now I can’t credit myself for the one particular scent- it was actually introduced to me. It was love at first sniff.

Lollia – In love: literally made me fall in love.. It’s described as intoxicating and I concur. The scent is of apple blossom with hints of sweet jasmine and rose.. Sold!!! The price point: $50.00 for a 3.4 oz bottle. Which I own and literally have had for about a year and a half.

Find Lollia In Love at Layla Grayce:

On to my next pick which I discovered afer an impromptu trip to Anthropologie.. The brand is tocca and boy is each and every scent heavenly!! The cost is even more so!! I own Stella and Giulietta. I purchased the mini bottle which is 0.5 oz for 18 dollars.. I’ve owned both for just about 5 months.. Talk about more bang for your buck!!

Stella- is described as a flirtatious combination of sheer musk, white freesia, blood orange, and spicy lilly. It’s a more fruity scent.

Find Tocca in Stella Scent at Anthropologie

Giulietta- has scents that include bulgarian rose, ylang ylang, green apple, pink tulips, lily of the valley, iris pallida, vanilla orchid, lilac, heliotrope, cedarwood, musk, amber, sandalwood. Sounds like alot going on but it is seriously devine! Unfortunately, I was unable to find the 0.5 oz bottle. However you can find the 1.7 oz which retails for $68 at the Tocca website.

Find Tocca in Giulietta at Tocca:

So here’s the best part Layla Grayce has some of the Tocca products on sale! Yes!! Guess I’ll be virtually swiping my credit card today!

Find Tocca products on Sale at Layla Grayce

And that my friends is how you make cents out of scents!!


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